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3 Wines to Pair with your Holiday Feast

The snow is falling outside, the fire is crackling and everyone is arriving at your place, about to sit down to a scrumptious holiday dinner. It’s that time of year again: Food, family and friends, all together.

We can’t prevent awkward conversations with your aunt, but we can make sure everyone at your table is wowed by your expert wine picks! 

Whether you’re sticking to a traditional meal, or serving a modern culinary masterpiece, we’ve got the best pairings of the season!



The appetizer: Pinot Gris.

No need to switch to red just because its winter!! Not with this powerhouse Pinot. Crisp acidity and lots of body makes it a red lover’s white wine. Naturally fermented, it has a hint of sweetness, and softness from 10 months spent in French oak. 

The peachy-pink color evokes rosy winter cheeks, and will stand out in the holiday wine lineup.

A versatile pick, this wine makes a great companion to starters like charcuterie, crab cakes and stuffed mushrooms. Your vegetarian friends will thank you, as it also shines with meatless options like fish, hearty pesto pasta dishes and roasted veggies!

The Bird (or Beast)- Pinot Noir

When you’re looking for a red that everyone will love (or maybe bringing a hostess gift and not sure what’s on the menu), go with Pinot Noir. With hints of sour cherry and cranberry (festive vibes!!) on the nose, it’s a classic match with roasted turkey.

The silky tannins and woody spices also work with more unconventional matches, like ham, quail, goose (our family favorite!) and even lean game meat, like venison.

Don’t be afraid to dip into the spice rack, this light red can handle the heat!

Dessert …and beyond – Forte

Meet the true powerhouse, the ace up your sleeve, your secret party weapon.

This port-style wine feels like melted chocolate, so you can have it with dessert, or AS dessert!

Its got everything you need to give you the warm and fuzzy feelings; Intense aromas of plum, dark cherry, cocoa, cassis, and black
currant with hints of cigar box and sweet spices. Serve it room temperature, by the fire with Stilton, with anything rich and chocolate-y, or even add it to mulled wine for a cozy Scandinavian inspired soiree!

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